Episode 1

One of the greatest things about finding good people is that they become your best recruiters. They are the people most likely to know others who have the same sense of style and same values that you and themselves do. A poor boy from a village tackles with many challenges right from the childhood from […]

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Never Quiet

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride then never quiet…you are the winner. It takes an awful lot of determination, effort, patience and self descipline. In order to excel in life you must be willing to work hard and accept a constructive criticism.  We need to be committed and be passionate towards […]

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Learning without school is somewhat of a theme among entrepreneurs. The list of billionaire dropouts is long. Not everyone dropped out to start a great company the next day. Steve Jobs, the Apple founder, dropped out at 19 because the college was too expensive. The computer’s success made Steve Jobs a millionaire by the time […]

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Extend Your Voice

When I was in school many questions pops in my mind everytime sitting in a lecture or striving to complete a project or an assignment. Many students wonder it too. Education is significant and must be acquired by all in order to gain knowledge and learn skills. But the next question which comes is that […]

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Dreams High

The question was once asked to a highly successful businessman. How you did this in your life and the efforts you make to come to this position. He replied, I grow great by my dreams. I loose my mind to imagine what I wanted to do. Then I have gone to bed and thought about […]

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